Why Does ADHD Seem More Common These Days?

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Why Does ADHD Seem More Common These Days?

Doesn’t it seem that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been “in the news” more often these days? Is that due to a genuine increase in prevalence? An increase in awareness? Let’s take a closer look.

Several key factors seem to contribute to the perception of ADHD being more prevalent in today’s society.

Diagnosis and Awareness

Our medical and psychological knowledge of the condition has increased. This leads to improvements in our ability to identify and diagnose ADHD accurately. More individuals are receiving accurate diagnoses that may have been previously overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Diagnostic Criteria

The criteria used to diagnose ADHD continues to evolve. It now covers a broader spectrum of symptoms, behaviors, and cognitive patterns. It is now more likely for individuals to meet the criteria of an ADHD diagnosis. This can contribute to the apparent rise in the prevalence of ADHD.

Environment and Lifestyle

The modern world – with all of its ‘advancements’ with technology – can impact attention and cognitive function. Increased screen time, constant digital stimuli, and reduced physical activity all seem to be linked to attention difficulties.

Society and Culture

Society-level changes – such as shifts in parenting, education, and the workplace – may also contribute to the perceived rise in ADHD. Higher-stress environments and the need to multitask may lead to the emergence of ADHD-like symptoms in individuals who may not be as affected in a different context.

As touched on above, the perceived increase in ADHD prevalence is complex. There are multiple factors at play all potentially contributing to our heightened awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD. ADHD’s definition and treatment may continue to evolve, yet what’s always most important is that those needing assistance receive the appropriate level of support and assistance.

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