Most Common Health Issues For College Students

College student health issues

Most Common Health Issues For College Students

College is a time of transition for young adults. Along with the excitement and adventure of new experiences come a variety of health challenges. Here are some of the more common health issues faced by college students and what you can do to prevent them.

Stress and Mental Health Issues
College can be a stressful time. Academic pressures, relationship difficulties, and financial concerns seem to always make the list. As a result, many students experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. To help prevent these issues, it’s essential to find ways to manage stress. Exercise, meditation, good diet, and therapy can all help keep stressors in check. Please do seek help if you know you’re struggling. There are a variety of resources – online and in the real world – waiting to help you.

Sleep Deprivation
Late nights studying or socializing can lead to sleep deprivation. And a lack of good sleep can have serious consequences for your health. Irritability, difficulty concentrating, and impaired immune function are all common consequences. Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, keep caffeine and alcohol to moderate levels, and do your best to create a comfortable sleep environment.

Poor Nutrition
Believe it or not, many college students struggle with poor nutrition. Limited time and limited budget exacerbate the matter. Eating unhealthy foods can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and poor academic performance. Try to make time for healthy meals and healthy snacks. And, of course, limit sugary and processed foods.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse
College culture often encourages heavy drinking and drug use. Both have serious health consequences. Addiction, accidents, and impaired judgment often follow suit. Try to prevent substance abuse by setting limits on alcohol and drug use (abstaining is always best for your health), find alternative social activities, and always seek help if needed.

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