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Navigating Towards Health: Expert De-prescribing Services in Manchester, VT

“Someday…, we’ll medicate human experience right out of the human experience.”

― Dennis Lehane

Are you looking to get off of your current medications? Do you feel like you take too many pills or suffer too many side effects? Are you hoping to consolidate, optimize, or rethink your medication regimen?

Taconic Psychiatry is here to help.

Taconic Psychiatry’s integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Adam Pruett, strives to help people just like you find freedom from overmedication. Whether your meds just aren’t working the way you need, the side effects are unbearable, or you simply want to have fewer prescriptions, we can help.

We serve clients here in Manchester as well as all over Vermont through our compassionate, comprehensive psychiatry and psychology services. If you are interested and ready to get signed up, contact us today.

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Are your medications helping or harming?

Medicine is a miracle of science and human ingenuity.

When used properly, prescription medication can help you combat disease, recover from injury, and reduce distressing symptoms. However, medicine isn’t perfect, and our country has a problem with overprescribing.

Because of this, your medicine might be unhelpful or unhealthy.

You might be taking medications that interact with one another in unhelpful or uncomfortable ways. You might have medication designed to offset the side effects of another medication, thus creating an endless cycle of symptom management.

You may be taking medication that no longer works for you or is no longer needed. You may be taking doses that are higher than needed to be effective (or, too low to create the intended effect).

Or, you may have developed a dependence on your medication.

Other signs of unhelpful or unhealthy medication use might include:

  • Not being able to sleep without a pill
  • Distressing side effects (stomach pain, diarrhea, sweating, etc.)
  • Polypharmacy (overmedication caused by too many prescribers)
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Taking the same medication (or same dose) for multiple years
  • Taking a new medication that doesn’t work as well for you
  • Resorting to use of drugs, cannabis, or alcohol to cope with symptoms

Some people try to change or go off of their meds on their own – against the recommendations of their prescribers – which then leads to distressing, even deadly consequences.

Please be advised that you should comply with your prescriber’s treatment plan. Attempting to go off of your medication on your own can lead to worsening of symptoms, withdrawal, or even death. However, with the support of a skilled physician, you can find freedom from your medication safely and effectively through de-prescribing.

What does "de-prescribing" mean?

De-prescribing is the process of optimizing your wellness by being strategic about the medications you take.

It involves reducing, eliminating, or changing your medication regimen altogether with the ultimate goal of making your life better. This is done in a manner that prioritizes safety and minimizes the risk of adverse effects (e.g., withdrawal).

How does de-prescribing work?

De-prescribing begins with a comprehensive assessment and thorough review of your treatment history. We look at why you began your current regimen, how you’ve experienced treatment over time, and what has been effective and ineffective. We consider the effects of your medical conditions and your biology (e.g., hormones, blood, age, etc.). And, we identify the main barriers to your wellbeing.

Next, de-prescribing involves identifying the optimal combination of medications based on your needs and health goals. We consider whether your current medications are working the way they need to or not. We analyze the effects of your medication for interactions and other undesired effects. And, we make decisions about removing or changing some of the prescriptions you take. Many people struggle with coming off medications completely, such as antianxiety and antidepressant medications, and the process of doing so can be risky. We work to do this slowly and work closely with compounding pharmacies to help achieve that goal while minimizing risk.

Integrative psychiatrists (such as our own Dr. Pruett) also consider alternative interventions to medicine, such as:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Herbal remedies
  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary changes
  • Lifestyle changes
  • And more

Your medications should be healthy, healing, and helpful. You should feel confident and satisfied with the medications you take. You deserve the attention and care from a psychiatrist who is willing to do the hard work of optimizing your care.

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